About Us

Dr. Michele is the founder and director of Life Renewal Inc. Our services and products are centered on bringing personal improvement, healing, and restoration to all who seek growth and help. We promote healthy thinking, life skills and relationship skills.

Dr. Michele believes in the integration of sound Christian counseling practices, utilizing biblical principles mixed with psychological truths, counseling tools, and the Word of God to be applied to the whole man — body, soul, and spirit. 

Dr. Michele has four earned degrees.  She has a Ph.D. in Christian Psychology, M.A. in Clinical Christian Counseling with a minor in Christian Education, a B.A. in Christian Counseling, and an A.A. in Biblical Studies.  She has earned six board certifications. Five with the National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists in Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Sexual Therapy, Group Therapy, Clinical Supervision, and also is certified through the Grief Recovery Institute of America in Grief Recovery.
She is licensed by the National Christian Counselors Association as a Clinical Christian Counselor with advanced certification.  Dr. Michele is also an Ordained Minister through the National Conservative Christian Church.

      We Believe
·         We believe in the Word of God.
·         We believe that your past does not define you.
·         We accept you regardless of religion, race, or nationality.
·         We believe that you deserve respect right where you are presently.
·         We believe that no one is beyond help and we will never give up on you.
·         We believe in restoration of the whole man – body, soul, and spirit.


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